Disaster Management

Leader of DMAT

Leader of DMAT [Disaster Management and Assistance Team] of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital which carried out medical relief work in the flood affected areas of Orissa in 2008 particularly in the township of Banki, which is right on the bank of river Mahanadi. The 13 member team covered 18 villages and treated around 6712 patients. Respiratory infections and skin infections were commonly seen in the population. The team distributed medicines worth Rs. 5 lakh.- November 2008

Leader of the team

Leader of the team for relief work for the Tsunami affected people in Kerala, January 2005.

Leader of the 18-member team

Leader of the 18-member team from Pune, which carried out the Rapid Assessment Survey [from Feb.4-11] of 150 villages in the earthquake affected Bhuj Taluka in Kutch District of Gujarat. This survey will help the Gujarat Government and other agencies to organise relief measures. February 2001.

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